Time to switch fuel

Using gas you would spend 20 € per month
In three years you would save € 720
What is your fuel budget?
€ per month
  • Gas devices

    Gas devices can be attached to any gasoline engine. The mounting can be done in a single day and the device allows switching in-between the use of gasoline and gas which is more than twice as cheap.

    A car run on gas does not look any different than a regular one.

  • Economy

    Gas is more than twice as cheap as gasoline. The price of gas (0.59 €) has been the same for more than 10 (??) years while the prices of gasoline (1.32 €) keep breaking new records. For most drivers a gas device pays off within 3 months after it has been set up.

  • Ecology

    Gas is much more eco-friendly than common fuel. CO2 emission is reduced by 25%, N20 – by 20%, and CO emission is reduced by almost 60%.

  • Fuel stations

    A gas fuel station can be found just as easy as a common one. There are more than 160 gas fuel stations of which 40 can be found in Riga. In Europe gas is just as popular for fueling cars and gas fuel can be found in more than 20 000 fuel stations.

  • Guaranty

    Gas fuel is safe. Mani car producers already offer cars with gas device straight off the assembly line. Gas devices come with a guaranty of 2 years or 100 000 kilometers driven.

  • Fact

    Gas fuel a higher octane number than gasoline which helps to increase the capacity of the engine.

    When a gas device is set to an economical regime, the maximum loss of capacity is about2%, which cannot even be noticed in everyday use.

  • Fact

    It is the other way around – gas increases the resources of the engine. This has several reasons: gas does not contain anything that corrodes metal, it does not burn in on surfaces of the candles and the cylinders, it burns steadily without detonation and it burns out completely. All this reduces costs of technical maintenance of and increases the resources of the engine.

  • Fact

    In most cases you will not be able to tell whether a car is fueled by gas or gasoline. The input hose can be hidden behind the lid that covers the gasoline input. The new gas containers can be hidden below the floor of the car or in the space designed for the spare tires.

  • Fact

    This was a problem 20 years ago. Modern day gas devices are hermetically sealed and do not allow any gasoline smell neither in the car, nor outside it.

  • Fact

    There are more than 20 000 gas fuel stations in Europe. In Latvia gas can be found in more than 160 gas fuel stations and the number is growing.

    In most cases gas can be also bought in gasoline stations

  • Fact

    Nowadays car producers already offer models that are fueled by gas straight off the assembly line.

    Among them are Volkswagen, Ford, Citroen, Peugeot, Opel, Subaru, Nissan, Volvo and many others.

Significant economy

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Standart Stag, Poland
with average mileage, installation cost will pay off in . Then you will be saving 50% on gas costs
Premium BRC, Italy
with average mileage, installation cost will pay off in . Then you will be saving 50% on gas costs

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